Thursday, August 12, 2010

#467 - playing ball with the babe

Have you seen Mila's Daydreams yet?  I just saw it via 100%Cottam.  It reminded me of some photos I want to try when the boys got older.

Parker's not a great napper, so I can't really catch him while he's sleeping, but I can set up some fun photos with him while his older brother (Oster) naps.

I think it might even be fun to do pictures like this for their "ABC" book.  
This one would be, "B is for Baseball".

Here's the details of the photo:
sunshine - left over tissue paper from Oster's birthday pinata
clouds - reusable diapers from my mom
grass - my moby wrap
bases - Pepe's socks
monkey's outfit - Oster's premie outfit
Parker's outfit - a Baltimore Orioles jersey from our neighbor

ps....check back later today to see another cute photo I snapped of Parker

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