Sunday, September 13, 2009

#223 - How to Make a Homemade Pinata

Remember Baby O's birthday party at the beginning of summer? Well, I asked my sister if she could do a quick tutorial on how to make a homemade pinata.

She said, "Spend $20 bucks and go buy one from the store."

At least she is honest.

Oh, I hope she doesn't resent us too much for all that we put her through this summer.

Anyway, here is what she did:

1. Buy a big balloon (the Dollar Store has 3 punching ones for, you guessed it, a dollar)
2. Blow up big balloon and get a bowl or something to stand it on (see pic 1)
3. Mix a bowl of flour and water (it was a little soupier than pancake mix)
4. Tear up pieces of paper (we used some bills, old documents from work, receipts)
5. Dip paper in the flour mixture and lay it on the balloon (see pic 2)
6. Cover the entire balloon and let dry (see pic 3)
7. Repeat after it has dried (Kar did this for 3-4 days straight because she wanted a strong pinata)
8. Cut colored tissue paper into thin, long strips
9. Cut little strips (make it look like a banner) into the tissue paper (see pic 4)
10. Glue onto the pinata
11. Poke 2 hangers into the top of the pinata, so that it can hang (see pic 4)
12. Fill with candy
13. Let the kids smack the heck out of it

Or you can watch this video on how to make a pinata.

Happy Birthday Kar! We miss you out here and we love you!

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