Wednesday, September 16, 2009

#226 - hello cupcake

On my journey (back in August) to find the best cupcake in DC, we went to hello cupcake in Dupont Circle. We (aka Pepe, Kar, Baby O and me) shared these between the 4 of us (ok, I'll be honest, Baby O just had a small bite of one and I ate the majority).
Kar and I have become connoisseurs of sorts (ok, to be honest, we're not the educated in cupcakeries and we're not that fancy, but isn't connoisseur a fun word to use?), we take a small bite and really taste it. Then move on to the next cupcake.

1. 24 carrot (aka carrot cake) - the best, great cream cheese frosting
2. you tart! (aka lemon) - 4th best, think lemon bars
3. vanilla gorilla (aka banana cake) - 2nd best, like banana bread with cream cheese frosting
4. peanut butter blossom - 5th best, better than this pb cupcake
5. triple coconut - 3rd best - i love coconut and there is a lot.
6. raspberry beret - blah...last place, although the chocolate cake is good.

Still, my top favorite is a tie between vanilla 2 at Georgetown Cupcake and a mix of the cream cheese frosting at Red Velvet Cupcakery and red velvet cupcake at Georgetown Cupcake.

Do you have a favorite cupcake place?


Anonymous said...

no, i don't, but i have heard of sprinkles. they now have a van that they drive around la. cmd

tvmom said... guys also have dots too.

stacey said...

I've been to Hellow Cupacake..It's really yum!!

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