tvmom - That's me.  I'm a mom to 2 beautiful boys and wife to Pepe.  I also work as a freelance tv producer.

Pepe - my husband.  He got this nickname from our good friend Grant.  When I was first dating Pepe, my friend Grant would call my now husband Pepe and not his real name...is that confusing?  When I started doing this blog, I asked my hubby what he wanted to be called...and he said (you guessed it), "Pepe"

Baby O/Oster (pronounced like, "toaster" aka "o" "stir") - my first born child.  He's gone by Baby O on my blog, but now that he is no longer a baby, I'm going to start calling him "Oster".  When he was first born it took us 7 weeks to name him.  Little know fact, his legal name doesn't even start with "O"...go figure, I have to be complicated.

Baby #2/Parker - born recently...we love him, he's a great baby!
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