Friday, June 17, 2011

#603 - chalkboard pinata

So remember when we my sister Karli made a pinata for Oster's 1st birthday?  Well, I wanted to carry on the piñata tradition for Parker's 1st birthday and since my sister Kar was across the country, I decided to make my own.  (Well, I was going to buy one, but with a $15 price tag for a wimpy little pinata, I decided I could make one less expensive and way cuter.)

I did basically the same thing as Karli did, but I only made mine 2 days in advance.  I then had it drying out on our deck and a huge rain storm (you know the kind where you walk out into it for one second and you are drenched?) rolled by and soaked my pinata.  Luckily, I was able to get it to dry out in time.

I didn't have time to put tissue paper on it, but I did have a can of chalkboard paint, so I quickly painted it and it dried in minutes.

Then I had the kids draw on it with chalk right before we hung it up.  It was a success (mostly due to the loads of candy inside.)

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Lindsay - Oh La La Mum said...

Great idea - love that this is appropriate for little ones and adults!

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