Thursday, June 23, 2011

#604 - Progress - Before & After Kitchen Cabinets

 After living here for 3 years, we'll finally have matching cabinets!!! 

I've been cleaning and painting for the past 3 days and I thought I'd share a work in progress photo.

It's only primer on the cabinets, but we are painting them white, so they won't be much different than the color above.  

So, my question for you...should I paint the backs of the cabinets gray or just leave them white?  The gray color I have is close to this one.  The rest of the cabinet would be white.



lyn. said...

If there are doors on the cabinets, I would leave them white, if not, I would go with the gray...

tvmom said...

Thanks Lyn...we do have doors, but i'm thinking that I might not add them...we'll see :) thanks for you thoughts!

Anonymous said...

agreed with lyn's comment, but also won't it be quite difficult to tape it off and just paint the back part grey? just a thought. if u put cabinet doors on, it would be a lot of work for nothing, because not many will see the inside of the cabinets. also another thought...if you don't put doors on you have no way to hide clutter, so they should be really organized and minimalistic. casi

Maritime Girl said...


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