Tuesday, October 26, 2010

#512 - Price is Right - watch today!

1st - love this Price is Right Costume.  It would be a pretty easy costume to make for Halloween.  Foam board, poster board, name tag that you could easily make with a manila folder and sharpie; wire and black foam for the microphone; and string to put around your neck...easy peisy!  oh, and your favorite college sweatshirt...

2nd - watch the Price is Right today!  My brother's fiance is going to be on it.  She's at the end of the show...can't wait to see it!  Go Taylor!

*post edit - i've been MIA on this blog, but i just discovered an old unpublished comment from 2011.  Ben, who is the man in this picture, posted that it was him, so to give credit where credit is long deserved, here's a link to his original costume....one of the coolest costumes out there.


Jean Has Been Shopping said...

Saw your blog on Pinterest, and adore the Price Is Right costume!

B-Side said...

Hey, that's my costume!

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