Thursday, October 14, 2010

#505 - freezing time

I have such good memories of tv shows from my childhood:

Punky Bruster
Small Wonder
Cosby Show
Facts of Life
Different Strokes
Leave it to Bever

the show I think about almost daily is
Out of this World (ahh...the day of long intros)..would you like to swing on a star?
Do you remember this show?

You might ask why I think about this show daily?
Well, this picture below says it all:
It left such an impression on me that I think,

"Oh, I wish I could just touch my fingers together and stop time!"

Wouldn't that be nice?

Yes, I know it's not possible...

But I can always dream, right...

Time flies way way way too fast!

ps, casi, did you know "Evie" is in the new 90201...not that I've ever seen it :) 


Anonymous said...

which one was evie? the main girl? the mom? i don't remember her on out of this world and i am trying to picture her in 90210. cd

Angela said...

Wow, I never thought anyone but me knew this show!! Thanks for the trip down memory lane. :D

Maritime Girl said...

Don't remember this show at all. I must have been busy making dinner or studying.

Jenn @ My Not So Glamorous Life said...

My sister and I were DIE HARD about that show. It was incredible the way she did that. And the way she spoke with her dad through a crystal cube, LOL!

But... I'm terribly disappointed that you didn't list Wonder Years. I'm just sayin'...

tvmom said...

geesh, I'm taking forever to respond to this post (forgive me)

Casi - evie is one of the grown ups on 90210 (not sure which one)

Angela - glad you could take the trip with me!

Mom - yep, I'm sure you were making dinner/cleaning - thanks!

JKreids - Yes, I do remember that glass thing...the guy had a crazy voice.

JustJenn - yep, my sister and I were die hards too! Sorry, loved the Wonder Years, but I only watched it at friends houses b/c we didn't get reception for that station (yes, I know crazy!), so I didn't get into it as much! But, yes a very good show!

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