Tuesday, September 14, 2010

#492 - Speaking of S'mores

truffle pop s'more

I think the cool fall weather makes me crave smores.

Here's "s'mores" stuff from around the web...some calorie free...some not!

 Above is a truffle pop..not sure exactly what it is, but is says it is a mix between a truffle and a brownie...sold! 
s'more hoodie - i'd wear this around the campfire

s'mores keyboard - it'd eat this before i could type anything (ps...it's not real)

s'mores family costume...maybe this could be our family costume this year!


Anonymous said...

yummy...smores. sounds good. good to talk to you today. cd

JMay said...

Those smores costumes are too funny! Have you ever tried Reeses smores? Yummmm!

tvmom said...

CD - good to talk to you too!

JMay - Reeses Smores sound divine...I'll have to try them!

Whatever Dee-Dee wants said...

A s'mores key board?! I love it!

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