Tuesday, September 21, 2010

#495 - girl scout calendar...Buenos Aires...100 kids

Did you know that I was in the 1988 Girl Scout Calendar?  
Pretty sure I was the month of October :)
It was only $1!
I need to find a copy, so that I can post it for you all.

Did you know that I lived/worked in Buenos Aires, Argentina for 3 months?
3 times for 1 month each
I love love love it there!
Buenos Aires means "Good Air" in Spanish
1st time I went my mom, my dad, Karli and my uncle were there 
Pepe went with me the last time I was there
Best decision ever!
Pepe's parents (my inlaws) are moving there in 2 months
To serve a mission for our church

 Did you know when I was little and my mom would ask me how many kids I wanted to have some day I would say, "100"?
Now that I have 2,
I want more!
They are intoxicating
Parker because he is warm, snuggly, and precious
Oster because he is SO DANG Cute!
Even when he tries to drive his car all over Parker...

Real conversation with Oster last night...

Me: We have to be quiet because daddy has to go to work in the morning.
Me:  What does mommy do for work?
Oster:  Mooooovies (I swear that's what it sounded like at least)
 Me:  What does daddy do for work?
Oster:  Moovies 
Me:  Daddy works at movies too?
Oster:  No, daddy works at church
Me:  what does daddy do at church?
Oster:  He plugs and flips the lid 
Oster sees Pepe plug his laptop in at church and open it up for his Sunday School class

Me:  What does mommy do at church?
Oster:  Plays with toys
I work in the nursery with the little kids 


Anonymous said...

oh, so cute. love the conversation with oster. and just to reassure you it was the 1988 gs calendar. cd

Kreller Kaboodle said...

holy moly your kids are sooo cute Joni! You're a great mama! Your boys are so cute!!

Maritime Girl said...

I know I saved a copy for each of you girls. Do you need me to fine it??? Cute post.

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