Monday, September 20, 2010

#494 - quick birthday postcards

It was my mom's birthday and my sister's birthday last week...

(happy birthday to you both)..

so I took some inspiration from Parker's ABC book and made some quick postcards for them...

Super Easy Homemade Postcards

-take a picture
-have it developed (I usually do them matte)
-gluestick thin cardboard to the back of the picture (I use cardboard from some left over DVD mailers I have)
-cut off excess cardboard
-make sure picture is glued good
-write a note (for my mom's card I wrote, "You are out of this world!")
-Attach postage


Fronica said...

Clever idea, I like it! Cute nephews I have!!

Anonymous said...

Those look awesome! I love getting those in the mail. I can't believe how big Parker is getting!! When did this happen?

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