Friday, September 11, 2009

#222 - The New Dutch County Farmer's Market

Remember when we went to the Dutch County Farmer's Market? Well, they closed this summer and yesterday, just reopened in a new location. Pros: new, wide aisles, shopping carts, more places to sit and eat, more stuff, great lighting, great bathrooms, same friendly folks that work there, unique.

Cons: not as convenient as old location, worse parking, and I sort of miss the grittiness of the old place.
However, our favorite place is still there . . . the ice cream from Kreider Farms. Such a good deal. Perfect for our Friday family night out together.


Anonymous said...

how much are cones from kreider farms. one scoop, two, and three?

tvmom said...

1 scoop $1.50
2 scoops (i think $2.50)?
3 sure...I'll have to go check

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