Friday, April 24, 2009

#139 - Dutch Farmer's Market

I've lived in this area for almost 6 years, but it wasn't until last year that I discovered the Dutch Country Farmer's Market. If you live close by (or if you come to visit) I highly recommend stopping by this market.

The outside doesn't look too inviting, but when you walk in, it's like something you never seen before (the outside doesn't do it justice.) Smoke from the fried chicken and the Dutch girls at the bakery filling donut orders fill are on one side of the market. Like a busy New York street, the market is brimming with people weaving in and out from one another, standing in lines, sampling the cheeses and apple cider. As you make your way through the market, you'll pass by a deli, pretzel stand, cake stand, ice cream stand, resturant, farmer's market with fresh veggies/fruits, lemonade stand, another deli, a candy shop, dry goods area and a stand with fresh cheeses/milk.

Here's some finds:

Potato Wedges - $1

Carrot Cake - $3.50

(I couldn't get a better photo because Pepe started eating it.)

Bowl of Snicker's Ice Cream - $1.58
I recommend the Peanut Butter Ripple Ice Cream
We also had rolls and chicken wings, but no pics.

Some other great finds I recommend:
Apple Fritters - Pepe's favorite
Apple Butter
Low-fat cheese (all the cheeses are good)
Sour Cream Donuts
Flax Seeds (doesn't really fit the above items, but they are a good deal.)

Anyone else like the Dutch Market? What do you like there?

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