Thursday, April 9, 2009

#127 - Flushing the toilet

Did I stop Baby O from playing in the toilet? Nope, I was so proud of him, he flushed the toilet 3 times in a row. (don't worry, i sanitized him pretty well after this and Pepe says it's one of the cleanest places in the house, not sure about my house?)

Another reason to celebrate, we got a new toilet seat a few days ago. Every time we've move into an older house, we spring $5-$12 for a new toilet seat. It's such a nice feeling knowing only you and the people you know have sat there. This time around it took us over a year to get the new seat (not sure why it took so long?) but it's done and it feels so great.


Brandon and Lindsay said...

What a handsome, talented boy! So fun to watch them figure these things out (at least at first :).

tvmom said...

so true!

Maritime Girl said...

Wow, he is a curious little man. You need to get him in a mathematics class soon!

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