Thursday, July 9, 2009

#181 - Baby O's Colorful Birthday Party

This post is way overdue, Baby O is almost 2 (just kidding).

From his invite, you can see we had lots going on (for a 1 year old), but there were lots of kids, so it worked out great. It was actually pretty simple.

Dinner (ie: hotdogs (Nathan's) over the campfire, watermelon, grapes, chips (Sunchips), fruit juice and water.)

We had sprinklers and water fights. (I think I will always do this for O's birthday because it is so entertaining and practically free.)

We had a homemade (by my lovely sister Kar) pinata full of candy. Stay tuned for a how to.

We had a tire swing that Pepe made from an old tire left in our house. You'll have to guess how he got the rope all the way up in the swing. Maybe Pepe will do a guest "how to" on this?

And lastly, we had colorful mini cupcakes (96 total,) which all got eaten!

I got lots of my ideas from other bloggers, so stay tuned in the coming days to see where I got my ideas from.


CT said...

We had so much fun at O's Birthday Party! We can't wait for his second one! We also loved how everything matched, from the pinata to the cupcakes!

Brandon and Lindsay said...

Happy Birthday little O! Looks like a great party. And I loved the inivitations and cupcakes, and the pinata too, Kar! You guys are way too creative! He is so dang cute - hope to see him before he really does turn 2! :)

Brandon and Lindsay said...

Oh, and we hope to see you guys too. Didn't want you to feel left out!

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