Thursday, August 26, 2010

#480 - The Bib Awards - "what's the best bib?"

Most Stylish Bib with a Handmade Touch - Homemade Bibs From My Cousin Lizzy
(Lizzy, you are so talented, you should open an Etsy shop)
Oster loves wearing these bibs around the house, no need to be eating.  They are also asorbant, so they catch the spills.

Best Bib for Overall Coverage and Easy Clean Up - Dex Dura from Walmart 
(not a fan of Walmart, but this bib was only $4-$5 there)
 I first heard about this bib from her.  I love how it catches everything, including liquids.  I usually just wipe it down or throw the bib in the washer and let it air dry.

Best Bib To Get Your Kid To Eat 
or Most High Tech Bib 
Pepe bought this bib recently to get Oster to eat's helped!  
It really lights up and the jet spoon even has flashing lights.  
Con - way too small and doesn't catch any of the food.

Best Message Bib - I Love Mommy and I Love Daddy Bibs from my mom
Can't get any better message than that?!
It's the perfect size for Parker and it soaks up all his slober.
The "I Love Mommy" bib was in the wash, I guess I use that one just a tad more :)
What about you?  Do you have a favorite bib?  What works best?

I really like this bib tutorial for a waterproof catch all bib.

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