Monday, August 30, 2010

#482 - Happy 1st Day of School - "G" is for...

"G" is for Geography Teacher
Happy first day of school to all my nieces, nephews and everyone else out there!

Another page for Parker's ABC book.

ABC frame -  from Oster's room
Wooden Apple - from Costa Rica
Pencil holder - cup from Pepe's grandma
Table - cookie sheet
Map - fabric from JoAnn's that I'm using to make a blanket
Map dispenser - picture holder (that black thing)
Pointer - An old stick we found at our house when we moved in
Map puller downer thing - string from a bag
Background - gray/red fleece blanket from my sister Kar
Pencils - just pencils :)
Outfit - Carter's from the Hubers

This could also be "T" is for Teacher.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

is geography really that boring that he fell asleep while teaching?? also i love that it looks like he is pounding his fist on his desk. funny!cd

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