Saturday, August 7, 2010

#463 - cherry passion tic tacs and black licorice scottie dogs

I just flew home with Oster and Parker by myself (yes, I am officially crazy!)

Appx 6 1/2 hours of flying time and a 3 hour layover in Denver (if you saw a lady pushing a massive stroller with 2 carseats, a few carry ons, with one kid strapped to her and the other throwing himself on the floor crying, that was me.)

Two things that did keep Oster occupied were Cherry Passion tic tacs (by far my favorite tic tac) and licorice scottie dogs.

At first I was giving Oster just one tiny tic tac after he would run a relay in the Denver airport.

By the end of the flight, I was pouring the tic tacs into his mouth to keep him quiet!

Do you have a favorite tic tac and food that keeps your kids quiet? nice to be back to high speed internet

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Anonymous said...

This reminds me of flying alone with the kids to visit the O's in IL alone. Makena still was on the bottle, Tyler came down with a raging ear infection, and threw up on the plane. Return flight home meant seeing a DR. and Tyler having a shot to get the medicine in him quickly enough so his ear drums didn't burst on the flight home. In spite of all of that, we had a great time. Current trip to La Jolla and Hawaii... Makena had a 102 degree fever the entire flight. That meant my arm bent in ways I never new it could (for 5 hours, DVD player breaking in the first minute of use for really only T, because Makena was so out of it with fever) in order to keep her head propped up for the multiple hour long flight. All worth it though :) Still here in HI for another couple of weeks and hope that I am the only one with this sinus/allergy/ whatever it may be going on with me now. We missed you guys bunches while you were gone! Hope we can get together to see you before school starts. AND if you aren't doing anything on Aug. 22 around 3:30, a ride home from the airport, haha :)


Jenn @ My Not So Glamorous Life said...

Wait! Where was Pepe?

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