Thursday, August 19, 2010

#474 - What Would You Do?

I don't watch a ton of tv and the tv I do watch is almost always on hulu (ie: a lot less commercials). Really addicted to What Would You Do? right now.  Have you ever seen it?

My favorite clip is above and second here.  (you might have to click through to see the video if you are reading in Reader).  I alwasy tear up when I watch these types of shows.


Jenn @ My Not So Glamorous Life said...

Wow! I didn't watch the 2nd one yet, but the first one def. had me crying. It was sad how many people did nothing, but wonderful that there were some that did. Thanks for sharing!!

Also, it really made me think about how I'd react. Typically, I am one that would avoid confrontation, but after watching that, it would make me want to speak up!! We have a few special needs employees at our local grocery store, and I always find them to be the most helpful and most cheerful of the whole group. I always respond to their greetings with a smile and kind response :)

Anonymous said...

the first one is no longer available but the second one was good. it also had me crying. what was the first one about? casi

Brandon and Lindsay said...

I've never seen this show (I don't watch much TV either). I really liked it and it does make you think about being more outspoken when you see unfair or cruel treatment. I regret to say I'm usually more of a chicken and don't speak up as much as I probably should. Thanks for sharing! I'll definitely have to start catching these on hulu! (and yes, I did cry.:)

tvmom said...

thanks for watching...made me think twice about what I would do!

Casi - first one is about a downs syndrome grocer bagger boy and people making fun of him...would you say anything?

Lindsay - Hulu's the best, less commercials!

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