Saturday, March 27, 2010

#360 - The September Issue

The other day I did a little research for work by watching The September Issue (sometimes I think I have a pretty cool job).

If you like fashion, The Devil Wears Prada, The Hills (the first few seasons) or The City, I'm sure you'd love this documentary.

And since it was quote week, I had to share my favorite quote from the movie:

“Always keep your eyes open . . . never go to sleep in the car or anything like that, keep watching because whatever you see out the window, or wherever, it can inspire you.”

-Grace quoting Norman Parkinson - photographer


Anonymous said...

i love that quote! and this movie looks cool!

tvmom said...

it's an awesome movie, i highly recommend!

Min said...

I looked it up right away and it's stream-able on Netflix. Now I know what I'm doing today.

tvmom said...

Min...I watched it on Netflix too! Let me know what you thought of it :)

Min said...

I loved it! So good. I've told all my girlfriends to watch it now.

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