Saturday, March 13, 2010

#346 - bibs for a runny nose

Baby O has never liked bibs until recently. He wears them around the house/outside...sort of cute.

One day he was wearing one when he had a running nose and it dawned on me...(cue light-bulb) If your kid is ever sick, have them wear a bib so they can wipe their nose or you can wipe it real quick. (You probably already knew this.) It saves on kleenex ('cause I can never find one when I need one), time and the sleeves of their shirts & my clothes.

It's now a habit in our house.

Notice the cute red/white/blue bib in the upper right hand corner (wish I had a better pic) cousin Liz made stylish.

And the bottom bib with red stains...Baby O bit his tongue...ouch...glad he was wearing a bib b/c of his snotty nose.

1 comment:

Brandon and Lindsay said...

Can I get one in Ryan's size? It should seriously be mandated that kids wear bibs at least until middle school, or until the hygiene gene kicks in!
Love your posts - hope to see you guys soon!

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