Saturday, March 6, 2010

#339 - mini boxes of cereal

For Christmas, Baby O (I really need to give him a new name since we cut off all his baby locks of hair tonight) got
6 mini boxes of cereal
from my parents. Do you do that "getting a box of cereal for Christmas" tradition?

A couple of days ago I let Baby O have his last box of cereal...and wouldn't you know it, he takes after me and
eats all the marshmallows*
out of the box. What does he do with the rest of his cereal? He puts it to use as dirt for his dump truck.
What a smarty pants!

*Disclaimer - while pregnant, I absolutely detest marshmallows...gross!


Maritime Girl said...

I think I ate one of his boxes of cereal when I was back there. Ooops!

Maritime Girl said...

Padre got his hair cut too this week. Can't wait to see O's. Did you do it yourself?

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