Monday, March 1, 2010

#335 - Spanish ring

Isn't this cute?

Some things that make me feliz:
pictures - taking them, but mostly looking at them after
swimming in the ocean - i can't wait for the summer
ice cream - anytime
talking to my family on the phone
cuddling with Baby O - when he'll let me
cuddling with Pepe - also, when he'll let me
feeling the baby kick
sleeping in
the color red
watching old/new home family videos

Also, Rockstar Diaries is doing happiness lists!


MAB said...

How did I miss the whole baby thing?!

tvmom said...

thanks Donna...I've been really quiet about it :)

Anonymous said...

i love that ring! i think my little sis would like it a lot..

Anonymous said...

i am so happy that i happened upon your blogs! love them!

the "L" spot said...

that is a cute ring! Me gusta mucho. Your list sounds wonderful!

tvmom said...

Thanks so much celebrittany, Sera and "L" spot! Glad to have you visit!

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