Wednesday, March 17, 2010

#350 - swim trunks/swimsuit

Baby O can't stop wearing his swim day he wore them under his pants and this day he just had to put them on top of his camo jammies. He's going to have so much fun once it warms up.
And for me, don't you think this swimsuit is cute? I'll probably just stick to my same red swimsuit, cause I love red.

Not on purpose, but do you like the chopped head photos? Top photo by me and bottom photo not by me (nor is that my body.)


Julie Wilding said...

Cute! Haha. I love it when little kids do stuff like that. My cousin is two and wear bandaids on her arms for accessories.

ahlin said...

oh my gosh that suit is so cute! i would definitely wear that. fo sho.

Jennifer Miller said...

I have a swimsuit feddish (sp)
My girls have too many to count.

tvmom said...

Julie - aren't kids son always wants a "spidey" aka Spiderman bandaid when he sees them.

Ahlin - thanks!

Jennifer - totally ok to have lots of swimsuits :) your home remodel!

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