Wednesday, March 31, 2010

#364 - soft silky hair

Recently, I was flipping through my recipe book looking for ways to use my really ripe avocados and found a recipe I had cut out of a Woman's Day magazine back in 2001 (does that magazine even exist anymore?)

Since being pregnant has at least one good perk (before the baby arrives) . . . amazing hair . . . I really didn't need to do this hair mask, but hey, I hate to waste food!

I mixed up all the ingredients, put it in my hair . . .

Then, this is where the trouble began . . . the hair mask was super messy . . . it looked like someone threw up on my head and in the bathroom sink. When I tried to wash it out, it was stuck . . . basically, I had an avocado egg salad in my hair...yuck!

My hair did feel great the next day, but not so good, when at work, I was still finding avocado in my hair!
That being said, after the baby is born, (when the post baby hair sets in) I think I might do it again with just the egg/lemon/yogurt or make sure to totally puree the avocado.

Have you ever done something like this? Did it work? Did it last long?


vanessa said...

I made a similar mask recently minus the yogurt, but the smell (was it the yolks?) was so weird I almost barfed! As the sister of a thrice-pregnant woman I am surprised to hear you were not affected by it! I do love DIY home remedies, though. Great blog!

tvmom said...

Thanks for stopping by Vanessa!
Yeah, the smell was a little weird, but didn't bug me too much surprisingly....because you are right, my sense of smell is so much stronger now.

Min said...

I tried just the egg mask quite a few years ago with happy results
One of my friends tried it as well but with a different turnout. The water in the house she grew up in would turn suddenly hot and it did while she was washing out the mask. Cooking the eggs in her hair!

Maritime Girl said...

Very funny. I love the part about finding avocado in your hair the next day!

Natasha and Jesse said...

My sister once put egg in her hair thinking it would help with dryness. It didn't. She has thick curly hair and the end result was not pleasant (or pleasant smelling!)

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