Wednesday, March 17, 2010

#349 - my orange pot of gold

This is a true story...

The orange pot above, also know as a Fiesta Carafe, came with out old fixer upper of a house. There were lots of old (mostly junk) stuff that the previous owners left in our house, but the Fiesta Carafe pictured above I thought looked really cool. Instead of throwing it away, I just kept it in our kitchen thinking someday I would clean it up and display it (you can even see it in one of my old posts.)

I never took the time to actually do a little research and see what it might be worth, until this past Sunday. Pepe googled it and the first thing that came up was this:
Wow! We had the "red/orange" one, the cork was close to perfect and we even had the creamer...sweet, we have a pot of gold....I mean orange.

Ok...not really a pot of gold, but hey, not too shabby.

So, here's the rest of the story...

The only reason we googled it and found out the value is because I knocked it off our refrigerator...bummer, why didn't I google it sooner?

Anyone want a cork in really good condition?

Just kidding...I still really like it and I think I'll just glue it back together and keep it. You think that would work?


MAB said...

Love it. The exact same thing would happen to us: the only thing we have that's valuable would get broken and we wouldn't even know it's worth anything.

It is a cool little orange pot.

tvmom said...

So true...

I'm gonna try and glue it back together this weekend...we shall see :)

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