Thursday, September 17, 2009

#227 - learning ABCs

I saw this and it inspired me to use some frames I bought at IKEA years ago.

I painted the frames with the leftover paint from this project. Then, I framed some pages from the ABC Dr. Seuss book (I had 3 copies - not sure how that happened).
Hopefully, these will help Baby O to learn his ABCs, plus we needed some more decoration for his room.


Anonymous said...

looks great! very creative. cmd

Maritime Girl said...

Love the idea. So good.

The Wi Family said...

Super cute!! That is a great idea!

Michelle said...

hi joni! this is so cute! i'm working on a toy room for elle and liv and have been thinking about doing something similar but haven't found the perfect book. i love the dr. suess abc idea! hope all is well!

tvmom said...

Thanks everyone!

Michelle - it took me way to long to decide on a book...but Dr. Suess is always a winner!

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