Monday, September 14, 2009

#224 - Tickle Weeds

I went on a walk with Baby O and we stumbled across some tickle weeds.

Do you know what those are? Well, when I was a kid, my mom used to let each kid pick out a tickle weed (aka a weed that has lots of little soft spikes on it, so it makes for good tickling) and then when we got home, we each had a turn tickling her face with the tickle weed (now that I think about this, that's sort of gross, but whatever).
Genius of my mom! Kept her kids entertained and she got a free tickle.

So, I let Baby O pick a tickle weed on our walk. He loved it! In fact, he loved it so much that it was bent, broken and throw on the road before we were even halfway home. (no tickle for me)

Happy Birthday Mom! If I were there, I'd tickle your face. I love you!


m2d said...

Mom is brilliant!!! I so remember the tickle weeds. I love your blog too! cmd

tvmom said...

thanks cmd! sorry i missed your call today!

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