Thursday, November 20, 2008

#25 - Mom

mom and me circa 1978

don't you love the hair, glasses, scarf and silver bracelet . . . i wish i was such a stylish mom


Kim said...

Yes and the painted fingernails. I gave up on that long ago.

Maritime Girl said...

That is a blast from the past. Karli must see those glasses. What about the cute little baby in the photo. That outfit had a saying on it that said, "Why was the little strawberry so sad? Because mom and pot were in a jam. Love you forever smart cookie. xoxoxo

tvmom said...

I hope you mean mom and pop, not mom and "pot" :) I love you mom!

The Wi Family said...

Hey There- So glad you found our blog! I'll add you to mine so we can keep in touch. Love all your posts! Our little ones are about the same age :) Hope you're doing well

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