Wednesday, November 5, 2008

#11 - My local library . . . aka the free Blockbuster

When I had Baby O, for the first few weeks I was scared to even leave the house and if I did, I didn't go farther than 2 miles. Luckily, my local library is about 2 miles away. I'd try to make my way over there once a week or so. (WARNING, THIS POST IS LONG AND I AM GOING TO GIVE MY OPINIONS, SO FEEL FREE TO CLICK AWAY)

I starting by checking out books, because that's what libraries are for, right? Well, not where I's just like Blockbuster, they have every movie you could think of...comedies, dramas, documentaries, foreign films, action movies, etc. Here's the movies I've watched since Baby O was born:

The Man Who Knew Too Little - anything with Bill Murray is funny
What About Bob? - watched with mom, see above
Vantage Point - great twist
The Waitress – dumb
Chalk – funny mockumentary about teachers
Dirty Rotten Scandrels - watched with mom, anything with Steve Martin is funny
UHF - ok
Clear and Present Danger – got to love Harrison Ford
Skelton Key – spooky - didn't see the ending coming ... Pepe had to explain it to me
Fire Wall – with Harrison Ford, sort of hokey.
The Man Who Knew too Much – with Jimmy Stewart
The Family Stone – loved this movie, good Christmas movie, watched with David
No Reservations - I have no reservations that I won't watch it again
Stick It - cheesy
Crazy Love – Documentary, very crazy
In Her Shoes – cute
Bounce – good, sad movie
Farenheit 9/11 –interesting
Walmart movie – dumb
The Prestige – magic movie, confusing
The Da Vinci Code – always a good movie
No End in Sight – about Iraq war
Across the Universe - too much singing
Lords of Dogtown - fun
Music and Lyrics - cheesy
Super Size Me - I never want to eat a chicken nugget again
Cellular - cheesy
Spellbound - good doc
For Your Consideration - funny
The Baby Whisperer - this is educational
The Aviator
The First Years Last Forever - educational, but good
The Happiest Baby on the Block - highly recommend this for any new parent
The Golden Compass - ok
P.S. I Love You - don't wast your time
Dan in Real Life
Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium - cute kid's movie
Deja Vu - good

Writing that, I just realized I watched way too many movies. Baby stepping it all the way.

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