Monday, November 24, 2008

#27 - Visiting Family

Written by my brother BT

I am so very honored to guest blog for my sisters blog tonight. Last night me and my younger sister were blessed to be able to fly out to my sisters house for thanksgiving break. It has been such a joy to be able to take a break from school and be with my family. I already feel like I could return to school and have the energy to finish this semester strong. We arrived late last night, and spent a few hours just talking and catching up. Today we went to church, and then spent the rest of the day relaxing. As is traditional in this blog, the food has been excellent, we have enjoyed some tasty quesadilla's, and some exceptional seasonal egg nog. These past two days have already been the highlight of my entire semester of school thus far, and It has also been fun to see our new nephew Baby O. He is so animated and so joyful all the time. I could only pray to have such well mannered and behaved children. As Thanksgiving holiday soon approaches, I feel inclined to say that I am thankful for such an awesome older sister who has given me such a great path to follow in.


tvmom said...

Thanks BT for the awesome guest post. I think you are being serious and not sarcastic..right? wink, wink? You are the best and we love having you here.

-your loving older sister

Maritime Girl said...

Brought a tear to my eye. You make a madre proud. xoxox

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