Wednesday, November 12, 2008

#16 - Frances

2 weeks ago, on Sunday November 2nd, Pepe received an early morning (ok, it was probably around 9am, but that is early for me on a Sunday) phone call. I was still in a sleepy haze, but I could tell that Pepe was talking to someone we knew.

Then he said, "oh really, that's awesome!"

My interest was peaked, I was fully awake wanting to know the good news.

Pepe (still on the phone), "So today at 2:30...great we'll be there."

I knew the good news...or at least had a really good idea.

Me (just as Pepe is hanging up the phone), "Frances is getting baptised, right?"

At 2:30pm later that day, Frances got baptized into The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

I was her youth leader for 2+ years and she has always been such a good example to me... inspired me with her faith and love for others.

I remember giving a lesson on the importance of marriage and without asking, she told me how important it was for her to get married in the Temple someday.

...that's a day I will never forget.

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