Tuesday, May 11, 2010

#402 - watermelon baby - *post edit - see below

I know I said that you wouldn't see any pics of my pregnant self...well, I couldn't pass up these photos that Pepe took with me. What an awesome husband!This is my belly at almost 36.7 weeks (now, I'm at 38 weeks)
To make myself feel better, I want to let you know that was a mini watermelon, not full size...there, I feel better.

*I just remembered that this is the first Tuesday that has come up since Pepe proposed to me on May 11th, 6 years ago. So happy he asked me to marry him! When we called my mom to tell her that we were engaged, she said, "who gets engaged on a Tuesday?"


Unknown said...

Well this is certainly adorable! And congrats on the anniversary - a Tuesday is a splendid day to get engaged!

Maritime Girl said...

congrats for 6 years and for getting engaged on tuesday. good day. it's one of my favs.

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