Thursday, May 13, 2010

#404 - What's in a name?

walking through the streets of DC with his uncle BT

Did you know that Baby O didn't have an official name until 7 weeks after he was born?

Well, guess what? He's getting a name change (don't freak out mom). I'm changing his name on this blog, not in real life.

He's no longer a baby and we are going to have another baby soon.

Drum roll please...his new name is....

"Oster"...pronounced like, "toaster". Phonetically it would me "o" "stir".

Yes, I realize 50% of the people who stumble on this blog will probably call him "oyster" with a thick Boston accent. And they'll think what was she thinking when she named him?!

But, whatever...

Also, I'm messing around with my blog a little bit, not sure if you've noticed the links right below my blog's the link to the "who's who" on my blog.

1 comment:

Maritime Girl said...

Yea oster. Love the new name.

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