Wednesday, April 7, 2010

#369 - egg photos

Just some of my favorite egg photos I took on Easter.
I loved Michelle's idea of dying letters onto the Easter eggs, so I did the first initial of each of my nieces and nephews, plus Baby O's for our hunt.

I used painters tape (we've been remodeling) and cut out each letter (my cousin's way is much faster.) The tape wasn't super strong, so it left a cracked/tie dyed look on the eggs...I sort of liked it.

Most of the kids found their eggs, but Baby O seemed to have a lot of eggs with "O's" on them. Turns out that when other people dyed their eggs and left them to dry, they created a circular pool of the color...making an "O".

Pepe hid this egg up in a tree (wait, of course you know it is a tree.)

Just sharing the above picture of me taking photos of the eggs...this is probably the closest you'll get to seeing me 8 months pregnant :)


Anonymous said...

these are all so creative! and what great pictures!!

Julie Wilding said...

These are awesome! I love finding new ideas for dyeing eggs.

tvmom said...

Thanks Sera and Julie!

Anonymous said...

you are quite the photographer! thanks for sharing those photos. cmd

Unknown said...

I love the egg photos. You are quite the Martha Stewart!

Michelle said...

These turned out great! I really like the painters tape idea.

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