Saturday, April 17, 2010

#379 - morning thoughts

photo of my belly and lovely feet
i woke up this morning...too early for my liking because I had to use the bathroom (i wake up at least 4-5 times a night to do this)...and my first thought was, "i can't wait to not be pregnant so that I can (and I thought of at least 10 things right off the bat that i want to do)."

so, thought i'd list off some thoughts about my pregnancy....

things I'll miss when I'm not pregnant...
1...feeling the baby move/kick
2...eating whatever i want and not feeling as guilty
3...pregnancy sympathy (ie: people open doors for you, carry things for you, etc.)
4...wearing maternity clothes (they are comfy...i'll still wear them after i have the babe)
5...pepe rubbing my back for longer than 30 seconds
6...having a reason to have a big belly
7...great hair and nails

things i won't miss...('s not really 10 things - as of 4/28 it's 10)
1...having to go to the bathroom every 10 minutes (at least it seems like that)
2...not being able to sleep on my stomach/back
3...remembering to take my vitamins
4...swollen body parts
5...not being about to bend down easily
6...having to catch my breath
7...being so tired
8...not being able to hold Baby O for very long :(
9...having too much of this :) (hope that's not too graphic)
10...heartburn...i didn't have it that bad with Baby O, maybe this baby will have lots of hair?

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