Friday, May 7, 2010

#397 - 10 x 31 cents = ice cream dream

My friend Stacey knows how much I ice cream. So she shared a little secret with me about how she stocks up on good ice cream (inexpensively). Once a year, Baskin Robbins does 31 cent scoop night and she asks for $3 worth of ice cream in individual cups. (Get flavors that you usually wouldn't's only a 31 cents and the people scooping the ice cream didn't care at all. that I ordered that much) She then freezes them and has delicious ice cream for days!

Even though 31 cent scoop night was just last week, I've already eaten all my 10 scoops of ice post baby body won't be happy about that.

Above are the flavors I got, in the order of my preference...surprisingly I loved Cotton Candy Ice Cream the most!


stacey said...

You are awesome! You ate all your ice cream already...I haven't yet...but I did have free TCBY last night. Join the TCBY club and you get a free waffle cone. Just go to their website. :-)

stacey said...

One other thing I've noticed..Baskin Robbins has been serving up the same flavors for a long time. My Favorite is the Chocolate PB. I wonder if they were the first to mix the chocolate and PB together in ice cream 1976(just a thought).

tvmom said...

Thanks Stacey, I can always count on you for your ice cream knowledge! Love that we share a love for ice cream!

JKreids - it's such a good deal! Also, how was your tortilla soup? Saw it on your blog...good recipe?

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