Friday, October 31, 2008

#5 - My editor Stacey

Today, I got to edit with one of my favorite editors, Stacey. We've worked together for 3-4 years. Today, Baby O got to stop by and edit with her too...they worked great together. He kept kicking her :)

About Stacey:

* She's very honest and she always let's you know what on her mind

* She's a fast worker, get's things done in record time

* She's a great friend, who is very thoughtful. She brought me strawberries, salt and vinegar chips and tomatoes right after I had Baby O

* She edited my rockin cool baby shower video

Some shows we've worked on together:
* Nat'l Body Challenge
* JK8
* Secrets of Super Star Fitness...ahhh!!
* Sara Snow, Dan Ho
* Plastic Surgery

(p.s.- Baby O doesn't usually visit me at work, nor does he edit...he just got to pay a surprise visit to Stacey for a little bit today)

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