Wednesday, October 29, 2008

#1 - Baby O

It should be an important one.

My baby . . . Baby O is so much . . . so much of so many things. Here are my most favorite words to describe him right now:




INSPIRING (how can a baby be inspiring, you ask? well, i'm not sure, but he inspires me in every way.)

So many more words, but I wanted to write just a few more things about Baby O.

I am trying my very best to enjoy every moment with him. I just recently went back to work and it kills me to be away from him. The moments I do get with him, I just want to soak them in. Burn them in my brain, remember every moment of his with me.

When he smiles, when he laughs, when he cries, when he gives me a pouty face, when he sleeps, when he twitches. OH, so YUMMY!

1 comment:

m2d said...

I love Baby O. I miss him sooo much. Give him a giant hug from me.

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