Tuesday, November 18, 2008

#23 - I've Got a Jumper . . .

. . . named Baby O.

He's the Michael Jordan of baby jumpers. Literally, he can catch some air.

Overprotective/Paranoid Mom in me: "I'm beginning to wonder if this is safe?"

Free-spirited Mom in me: "Oh, but he has so much fun."

Overprotective/Paranoid Mom in me: "No really, can his brain get jumbled all around from the jumping?"

Free-spirited Mom in me: "Stop being paranoid, he can't do this when he's your age . . . They need to invent this for adults."


Maritime Girl said...

I must send you your photo of when you lived in the johnny jump up. Pretty cute!

Kim said...

He sure looks like he's having fun!

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