Sunday, May 9, 2010

#400 - Happy Mother's Day! ~ a post for mom

OK, so I'm doing one better, I'm not just tweeting or facebooking, but I'm blogging about my mom on Mother's Day.
In fact, it's a blog from all of us (kids and grandkids.)

Why We Love You Mom ~

I love how you are always positive. - Brian aka BT

You befriend anyone no matter who they are. - Karli aka Kar

I love your positive attitude through all of life's roller coasters. - Casi

You are a strong, independent woman and you stand up for what you believe in. - me aka tvmom

We love that you are a giver. You always have something to give everybody. It makes us realize that you are always thinking of us. - Jordan and Rachael.

I also really love that you treat others with so much respect and kindness, that has been a great example to me of how to live my life. - Brian

You are a great example to look to. - Casi

I love how you are always thoughtful and thinking of others. - me

You send me postcards in the mail, play puzzles with me and skype with me. - Baby O

Memories Growing Up With You As Our Mom
When growing up I would remember riding the bus home, but I LOVED the days when I would see the blue suburban parked on the street because I knew mom was there to pick us up. Happy days. Love you Mom!!! - Casi

I remember mom would always get the end of a pen and tickle my face when I was younger. I also remember we put our bikes in the trunk and go on bike rides to the trail that goes along Highway 95. I also remember she would take me to go roller skating all the time when I was younger. - Karli

I remember (and still love) the back rubs, the tickling...just feeling relaxed and taken care of. - me

After Mae was born, Mom came down and stayed with Rachael and me for a week. She made dinner for us, she cleaned for us, and she watched Mae for us so we could get some sleep. Rachael and I were both so appreciative of her willing to sacrifice for us. I am very grateful for Mom and the example she is to me. -Jordan

We love you!
Casi, Jordan, Brian, Karli, Baby O, Mae, Pepe, Rachael, Pedro and me


Maritime Girl said...

Sweeeeeet. Thank you so much for all the nice comments. That definitely made my day and I feel like dancing a jig. I just need to talk to the knee.
Thank you to each one of you for making my motherhood days so joyful. I can look back with plenty of good memories and laugh about all the fun times we had together. (eye contacts, bathroom wipes,Sound of Music and Miss Otis videos, video to Tia C, Mermaid Dress)
Thank you for fulfilling the family motto. WE WANT TO HAVE A PEACEFUL HAPPY HOME.

Maritime Girl said...
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Melissa Blake said...

Aww, what a beautiful post!! :)

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