Thursday, December 31, 2009

#283 - Top 5 for 2009

I loved Kami's idea for the Top 5 Sites visited on her blog in 2009. So, I decided to do it for my blog and also throw in a few fun facts about my first full year of blogging (I only have tracking info from March-present, but still interesting).

Top 5 Posts for 2009
1. Clever Halloween Costumes, maybe it inspired Rachael & Jordan?
2. Quiet Book from the 70's
3. Prune Bags from Argentina - it really is hard to find info on these bags.
4. Homemade Flash Diffuser - I miss Kar . . . come back and visit.
5. Jumbo Rice Krispies - I still haven't been able to find these at the store, have you?

Some other fun facts about A Million Things I Love . . .
Top Visitors
1. Maryland - I think Baby O and I account for most of those visits (we like to watch Elmo and make Jiffy Rolls)
2. California - shout out to Casi
3. Idaho
4. Washington
5. Oregon

Day with the Most Visitors - October 27, 2009 (118 visitors) - wowzers! *this is not common :)

Most Visitors come from google or A Fro, And You Know.

Total of 228 posts this year, the most in February/September (tie) and the least in October.

If you want to track your blog, you can use google's free and sort of fun to see what's up with your blog.

Stay tuned for tomorrow to see some of my 2009 favorites...


kami @ said...

Hi there! It's fun to see your top 5 for 09! You really never know what it will be. Thanks for playing along!

tvmom said...

Thanks for stopping by! I really love reading your blog, it's fun to see the new things you post!

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