Sunday, December 13, 2009

#270 - Classic Concentration

Remember the game Classic Concentration? My sister Casi loves to draw clues like the ones in the game.

I decided to do a little game for Casi (or anyone else) to show how Baby O is pronouncing names. I'm just doing my family's names, because Pepe's family is too big.


#1 - car key (Karli)
#2 - ray shell (Rachael) or ray tell
#3 - key "c" (Casi)
#4 - gaw gaw (Grandpa) or gaw pa

Here's how he pronounces the rest of my family:
jordan - jor jor or jor dee
mae - mmmmeh
brian - bry dee or bry ee
pedro - pay jew
grandma - gaw ma
old fart - gaw gaw


Anonymous said...

love it! so funny. pedro says he needs to work on rolling his "r"s. ha. cmd

Karli. said...

This is so FUNNY! I miss that little guy. The best one is Pedro's name...

Unknown said...

so cute. we need to see him in a serious way.

Anonymous said...

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