Monday, January 16, 2012

#637 - Before and After - Kitchen

 And now for the kitchen before and after. Below is the entrance to the kitchen.
 Before (above and below) - notice the brown vinyl floor (it has padding under it, so it was bouncy when you walked on it), dark brown paneling, lacy window curtains
After (below) - new vinyl flooring, and we added a door in place of the window 

Before (below) - fan with shoe strings to turn on the light, cabinets from the 50s (that look like they are from the 70s), they had grease caked on them from the past 60 years.  Notice the awesome pot on the counter - yep the one the previous owner's left and I broke and turns out it is worth a lot!

 After - recessed lighting (fan is gone), new lower cabinets and counter (the old lower cabinets had rotted out),  added an above stove microwave, took doors off the upper cabinets and painted them white, painted the wood paneling white, new fridge and put it in the left hand corner.  Again, notice the orange pot above the sink and we have a portable dishwasher now.  And the poster, love it there.


Before (below) - old fridge

After (both photos below) - chalkboard wall (which my boys love, but it never gets really clean), more counter space since fridge is in the other corner, shelving on the wall.  Notice the quote.

 Love - the door instead of the window, more counter space, more light.

I don't really mind the cabinets without the doors, it makes me keep things clean.  Just don't look in the bottom cabinets.

Cost - this is a guess, but I'll try:

Dishwaher - $300
Microwave - $150
Lower cabinets/counter - $1,000
Recessed lights - $100 (but took some wiring that my husband was able to do)
White paint for cabinets and wood paneling - $50
Vinyl floor - $300
Shelving - $30
Door and trim around door - $200
Fridge - from my sister in law


Fronica said...

Hey, the house looks great! It's always fun to have before and after pictures. Looks nice, well done :) We miss you guys.

Michelle said...

you're house is looking great! love everything you're doing. hope you, david and the boys are doing well! will you be coming to WA/ID anytime soon?

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