Friday, January 13, 2012

#636 - Before and After - bathroom remodel

 Before (above and below) - dark wood paneling, awesome tiles in the tub and on the floor (but they were broken in lots of places), old cracked sink/vanity, sliding shower door, old tub, oh and there was flower wall paper on the ceiling, large purple flowers (see photo above) - you have to look 
really hard, it matches the flower on the trash can)

 During (above and below) - we basically gutted the whole thing)

After (both pictures below) - new everything (except the toilet), we even got a new toilet seat

Things I love about our new bathroom - we raised the shower head and put the handle to the shower high so the boys can't reach it; we also put inserts in the tile to put shampoo/soap (I need to take a picture of this), the diagonal tile on the floor

Things I wouldn't do again - we used the wrong grout on the floor, so it is super hard to clean; we got a whirlpool tub - another pain to clean

Cost - ??? - it's has been a while so I don't know, but we did buy inexpensive tile at home depot and the an inexpensive vanity at lowes

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