Wednesday, July 20, 2011

#613 - birthday card

I just got this birthday card in the mail from my grandma!  Love it and it works for any birthday!

card is from Prune Orchard Press


Brandon and Lindsay said...

I know! I loved mine too... Aunt Sue is so creative, and grandma is so cute still sending us all cards (and still with $5!) LOVE it!

Bardsleyland said...

Very cute! Happy late birthday!

(We're in Amsterdam now, and I'll try to post something soon. The kids still don't have beds yet, so we've got some things to take care of first!)

tvmom said...

Thanks Donna!

kerilyn said...

Hi there! I would love to buy this birthday card from your Aunt Sue (I have an Auntie Sue too!) Would you let me know where I can buy this? Thanks!

tvmom said...

I'll ask my Aunt Sue (so cool u have an Aunt Sue too!) and let you know. I'll email you directly...have a great day!

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