Wednesday, July 27, 2011

#615 - triple lemon blueberry cake

I used this Triple Lemon cake recipe for Oster's birthday.

Lemon cake + lemon curd filling + lemon cream cheese frosting = triple lemon.

He wanted a Batman cake (see below) and I was craving lemons and blueberries, so it worked out perfectly.
 I added blueberries to the cake good!
And like usual, I was running behind and didn't get a chance to let the cake cool before I frosted it, so it was a gooey mess.  (this picture was taken after Oster blew out the sparkler candles, so those black specs are from the sparklers)  (And I had grand illusions of making a black fondant or blackberry fruit leather batman logo, but no time!)
My favorite part was the lemon curd (martha stewart's recipe) filling.  I could eat that by the bowl!

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