Wednesday, July 13, 2011

#610 - few of my favorites on pinterest

I have a couch like this I got of craigslist a few years ago and it would be so cool to do a couch redo like this.
 I want to redo the back of our medicine cabinet  to look like this.

I have a chair just like this, just need to figure out what color to paint it?  I like white, black, red, navy blue and yellow or basically any of these colors.
Pepe just got 8 pairs of glasses from Zenni Optical for the price of one pair of glasses.  I just need to figure out a cool glasses holder like this.
I think I want something where the glasses are horizontal on the wall, not vertical though.

YUM! crisp coconut and chocolate pie

kit kat cake - my sister totally made this with white kit kats and it looked so cool!

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