Monday, January 25, 2010

#306 - jar full of buttons (cookies)

I saw some adorable button cookies here...and I decided to make some for Valentines. I didn't have any circle cookie cutters, so I used one of Baby O's cups, a very small jar and a chop stick to make them.

Instead of shortbread cookies, I made my sister-in-law's butter cookie recipe - my fav!
I then put a few in a small jar, to make a jar full of buttons. Baby O couldn't stop eating them (he even ate a little of the raw dough - yuck!)
I think this would be a cute Valentine's gift, I just need to figure out how to decorate the jar.

Oh, the cream cheese frosting recipe also goes really well with these cookies, but then you can't see the cool button imprint. Maybe I could get a smaller jar to package the frosting?


Anonymous said...

you r making me fat! i just made the choc chip cookies. they were delish! If i might add one more cooking tip...after you take them out of the oven early while they are still white drop the pan on the floor. btm gave me that suggestion while i was at home. so what is the diff between shortbread and butter cookies? cmd

Maritime Girl said...

you are a regular martha stewart.

Anonymous said...

just a thought, you could use the icing and make sandwich cookies, then you can still see the buttons, plus have the icing, yum! those look great! Like looking at your colorful blog!

tvmom said...

brilliant "anonymous"...why didn't I think of that?

thanks for visiting!

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