Saturday, January 16, 2010

#299 - Have you read this?

I posted this on my shared links a couple of weeks ago and after watching this . . .

I will now:

1. Buy only fresh or jarred tomatoes (not canned)
2. Eat only organic grass fed beef - I usually do this anyway
3. Throw away all my microwave popcorn - only air pop or over the stove for me
4. Buy organic potatoes - I don't know where to get these, but I'm looking into it
5. Try to only eat wild salmon (I don't eat it that often)
6. Drink organic milk or at least rBGH free milk - we pretty much already do this
7. Try to eat organic apples - I need to work on this (I just bought 2 bags of cute organic apples from Trader Joes for cheap and they are good.)

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